Career-Related Assessments

STRONG - An Interest Inventory: This computerized assessment measures your interests and perceived skills and relates them to occupational areas for focused academic and career exploration and planning. Results can also be correlated to Western’s majors. Information from your results can help you:

  • choose a career
  • increase job satisfaction
  • make a career change
  • choose appropriate education and training
  • find a balance between work and leisure
  • plan a fulfilling retirement

The Strong is an inventory of your interests; it is NOT a test of your abilities. Therefore, results cannot predict whether you will succeed in an academic program or an occupation. Results can only suggest academic programs and careers for you to investigate.

MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR (MBTI): This assessment identifies your personality preferences and applies the resulting information to your career decision-making. It helps you explore how your personality style and personal design affects your choice of major and potential careers. Although you may already be aware of your personality characteristics, you will find the MBTI can help you understand and make the most of your:

  • goal setting preferences
  • personal style of information gathering
  • networking styles
  • decision making styles and preferences
  • strengths
  • weaknesses

Given this knowledge, you will be better able to explore careers. The MBTI can help you choose a major by understanding your learning style. It profiles your preferred work settings and suggests occupational areas compatible with your personality type to explore.

To take either assessment, contact the Appointments Desk in the Career Services Center (650-4240) for payment, instructions and follow-up appointment procedures. A fee is required to cover the cost of materials.


WWU students & employees, Registered WWU alumni and former students (with no degree earned)

  • STRONG $10/MBTI $20
  • Counseling for results - no charge