Cover Letters

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter helps you to stand out to employers. It is an opportunity to expand on the skills listed on your resume through providing examples and expressing your unique voice and interest in the position.

When should I include a Cover Letter?

A cover letter should always accompany a resume. Even if the employer doesn’t specify that they would like a cover letter, include one if you would like to be seriously considered for a job.

Your Cover Letter should be:

  • Formally formatted, see templates below for examples
  • Tailored to the job description
  • Expresses your passion and purpose for the position, industry, and company
  • Illustrates your writing skills – be clear and concise!

For more information on writing a cover letter, please see the Career Services Center Cover Letter FAQs page and the How to Write Effective Cover Letters Video.

Want cover letter feedback emailed to you? Email your cover letter to with the subject line "Cover Letter Review". If you are applying for a specific position, be sure to include the job posting so we can help you tailor your cover letter. We will have someone look at your resume and send it back to you with feedback.

Use one of our Cover Letter Templates to get started!
Cover Letter Sample
Cover Letter Template
Email template for submitting Resume and Cover Letter