Education and Health Career Fair

Suggestions for materials/information students may find valuable:
  • Information on Speech Language-Pathology, teaching opportunities in Special, Early Childhood, Elementary and Secondary Education, School Counseling, O.T., P.T., Audiology and/or other healthcare/education positions: number employed, hiring policies, mentoring/supervision, type of clientele, caseload caps, typical workday
  • Information on the organization - i.e. mission, size, philosophy
  • Information on the department - staff hierarchy, physical location, office setup, work area, other team members
  • Work setting - i.e. is it in one location or out of the office or building?
  • Materials on compensation plan(s)
  • Internship information for first year S-LP Master's students: what does the experience encompass at your organization?
  • Details for Teachers on application processes, hiring outlook and first year support
  • Information on profession for undergraduates attending - what do you like about the profession, what has changed or is changing within the profession/setting?
  • Potential jobs/internships for students in undergraduate programs looking for summer experiences within these fields, or seeking related job experience prior to submitting graduate school applications