Going on to Graduate School

Why consider graduate school?

People pursue graduate studies for varied reasons. Some do it for the sheer passion of an intellectual interest still burning at the end of their undergraduate studies. Others need it to prepare for a career in an academic environment or for a profession that requires a specific graduate or professional degree (medicine and law careers are just two examples). Working professionals may need an advanced degree in order to progress further on their career path. And, a graduate degree may provide a means for a career change, particularly when one's prior education and/or work differ from an intended career. Additional information about graduate school can be found HERE. To schedule an appointment with an advisor, call 360-650-3240

Anna Tognazzini
Graduate and Pre-Professional Programs Advisor


The Graduate School Application Process
Personal Statement Writing Tips
Questions to Ask Grad School Representatives
Letters of Recommendation Guidelines
Writing a CV

Mock Interview

If your application includes an interview, consider scheduling a mock grad school interview with the Graduate and Pro-Professional Programs Advisors at 360-650-4240. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate short notice requests.