The Mock Interview: What to Expect

  • Panel
    The mock interview committee will consist of three people Generally this will be Dr. Kriz, Ms. Tognazzini, and one faculty volunteer

  • Videotape
    Pre-Healthcare Advising will digitally record the mock interview. We will give you the DVD so that you can observe yourself and use that information to improve your performance during the "real thing"

  • "In character"
    During the interview, the committee will play the role of actual evaluators. We will attempt to remain "in character" throughout that phase of the interview.

  • Feedback
    When the interview has concluded, the committee will step out of character and provide you with feedback and an evaluation of your performance. Suggestions for improvements will be offered at that time.

  • Time for you to ask questions about the process
    You will have an opportunity to ask questions of the committee during this final evaluation phase of the interview.