Peace Corps

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Peace Corps Recruiting at WWU is operating. Please email if you have questions about Peace Corps opportunities. As of March 15th, Peace Corps programs were suspended. Currently, the Peace Corps is evaluating options for safe return to in country operations. You can read more about the Peace Corps response to COVID-19 at:

WWU's graduates have a long tradition of serving as Peace Corps Volunteers in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, you can put your skills, education and training to practical use and make a difference in areas such as:

environmental planning or education TESL, secondary education, vocational education or teacher training business advising, cooperative development or information technology community development, youth programs, or social services health or AIDS/HIV education, sustainable agriculture or forestry

Peace Corps Volunteers earn a monthly living allowance enabling them to live a comfortable, modest lifestyle in host communities. Medical and dental care is provided, as is transportation to and from the country of service. At the completion of a two-year term of service, Volunteers receive $7,425 to help them readjust to life back home. In some cases, student loans are deferred or partially forgiven.

You will gain valuable experience that is highly sought by employers. In the global marketplace, the international experience, cross-cultural knowledge, and leadership skills that you obtain in the Peace Corps will serve as a foundation for a successful career.

A Peace Corps Representative is available for Western students and community members in the Bellingham area.