Appeals Comment Codes

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  1. Previous citation(s) issued on campus.
  2. Because of the infrequency of violations.
  3. 10G/8G authorization required all hours, seven days a week.
  4. Call University Police at x3555 for after- hours parking and a Green Coat Escort.
  5. “R” lot authorization required in residential lots 24/7.
  6. Due to the validity of your appeal.
  7. Legal spaces include those directly in front of a cement wheel stop, between two rows of “buttons,” between two painted lines, or where specifically signed for parallel parking.  No parking in any other location; areas not signed are considered no parking zones.
  8. If load zones are full use, paystation or go to Parking Services.
  9. Authorization required to park on campus.  Use paystation, pay by cell, or go to Parking Services.
  10. The driver is responsible for registering the correct license plate.
  11. Call Parking Services if paystation isn’t working.
  12. If you are displaced from your assigned lot, please move to the next closest lot and call Parking Services or University Police.
  13. If you park due to an EMERGENCY situation, please call Parking Services or University Police immediately.
  14. Disability parking spaces and ACCESS AISLES are strictly enforced.
  15. Notes on vehicles are unacceptable according to Washington Administrative Code 516-12-440(10).
  16. Other vehicles parked in the same area illegally is not a valid excuse.
  17. It is the driver’s responsibility to provide ample time to park legally and in compliance with all parking regulations.
  18. The Ridgeway Service Road is considered a prohibited area from 11:00PM to 6:00AM.
  19. A vehicles registered owner is responsible for all citations issued to the vehicle.
  20. Parking remains enforced all year, including during breaks and intersession.
  21. The financial situation of an appellant has no bearing on the decision process.
  22. Also, there are un-collectible or unpaid citations that are currently outstanding and past due.
  23. Because it was your first citation.
  24. High Street is prohibited all hours except for emergency and transit vehicles.
  26. Lot 25G authorization required all hours, seven days a week.
  27. After-Hours authorization (for students) not valid until 7PM Monday through Friday. 
  28. A bus pass/WWU ID is not valid for parking.
  29. Authorization required all hours, please use pay station.
  30. Authorization not required after 4:30PM Monday through Friday, and weekends in 12A/C lots.
  31. 6V authorization required all hours, use paystation.
  32. Reserved spaces are reserved 24/7 as posted, for the owner of that parking space.
  33. The only legal parking on a fire lane is in front of a signed 20 minute load/unload zone.
  34. Load zones are strictly enforced. Tires were chalked.
  35. Previously un-cited parking in a lot is not a valid reason to park illegally.
  36. Time parked is not a factor when parked illegally.
  37. Even if a parking lot is empty, authorization is required to park legally.
  38. Void due to officer and/or office error.
  39. You did not comply in a dismount zone as enforceable per WAC 516-13 or WAC 516-15.


Page Updated 11.22.2017