Financial Statements

Western Washington University’s Parking Services (Parking Services) is responsible for managing the parking space available on the Western Washington University (WWU) campus. Operations include assigning and issuing parking permits, enforcing parking regulations, maintaining parking lots, and managing parking pay-stations and metered parking. Parking Services also manages special event parking, vendor and contractor parking and related special use parking on the university campus.

The statements provide an overview of the financial activities and financial position of Parking Services.

Parking Services financial report includes the Statement of Net Position, the Statement of Revenue, Expenses, and Changes in Net Position and the Statement of Cash Flows.

The statements are prepared in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standard Board (GASB) principles, which establish standards for external financial reporting for public colleges and universities. The financial statements are presented using the economic resources measurement focus and the accrual basis of accounting.


Page Updated 11.22.2017