Permit Refund Information

Permit Refunds

Excerpts from WAC 516-12-460 Fees.

(3) Refunds will be made based on the valid time remaining according to the parking services refund schedule. Refunds may be made if unpaid fines and fees have been paid.

(a) The permit holder must return the permit to Parking Services before a refund will be authorized or a payroll deduction will be terminated.

(b) No refund will be made for a permit after the first thirty calendar days of any quarter. Unused quarters may be refunded in whole at respective rates.

(c) Refunds will not be made upon permit revocation by the public safety director.
(4) A service charge will be assessed for:

(a) Change of permit when a lot transfer is requested by the permit holder and approved by the public safety director.

(b) Any permit returned for a refund.

(c) Change in hours issued on a part-time permit.

Additional Notations for Processing Permit Refunds

Employees Cancelling a Permit
Any employee that requests to cancel their permit after the first 30 days of any quarter will pay the same permit fee (See (3)(b) above). Permits purchased via payroll will be charged for the quarter until the quarter fee has been paid in full. Payroll Deduction is an option that an employee voluntarily chooses to allow the employee to purchase the permit in payments rather than pay the entire amount up front.

Processing Fee/Service Charge
A service fee will be charged for refunding (processing) excess permit payments upon return of permit and will follow the approved fee structure. Fees are listed on the Parking Services website.

Permits Not Returned
Permit holders are responsible for turning in a permit that will not be used.

Permits brought for refund following an extended personal/emergency leave do not qualify for a retro-active refund. Unused quarters left on the permit will be refunded. Permit refund balances are calculated from the date the permit was returned to Parking Services.


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