Visitor Information

Welcome to Western Washington University!

Welcome we hope your visit to WWU is both exciting and memorable. Before you arrive please review our visitor information or contact us at (360) 650-2945 for more information as a permit is required throughout campus.

Parking Information Signs Posted

Parking is enforced as posted on the signs at the entrance of each parking lot or area. Signs posted in front of a space are enforced specifically as posted on the individual sign.

Visitor Parking Permits

Visitor parking permits can be purchase at Parking Services located in the Campus Services building, 2001 Bill McDonald Parkway, between the hours of 7:15AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday.

Question: “What do we do if your office is closed and a permit is required?”

Answer: use the Pay Stations and meters. After 4:30pm Mon - Fri and all hours Sat - Sun no permit is required in C and 12A lots located on the south end of campus.

Question: “How do I know if I need a permit or if I can use the lot?”

Answer: Read sign at entrance of lot for permit requirements and restrictions.

Question: “Who do I contact when your office is closed and I have a parking question?”

Answer: University Police Dispatch at (360) 650-3555.


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