SEBRT Members

SEBRT includes a Bias Response Team and a Structural Equity Team.

Bias Response Team 2023-24

  • Amy Westmoreland, Director – Multicultural Student Services
  • Daniel Records-Galbraith, Director – Office of Civil Rights & Title IX Compliance
  • JoeHahn, LGBTQ+ Director
  • Josef Mogharreban, Director – Disability Access Center/Deputy ADA Coordinator
  • Katy Potts - Chief of Police
  • Michael Sledge, Executive Director – Student Life, BRT chair
  • CJ Swanlund, Counseling Center
  • Shevell Thibou, Director, Teaching & Learning, Western Librarie'
  • Leonard Jones, Director University Residences

Structural Equity Team 2021-22

The Structural Equity Team (SET) will include the people listed. As described in the Recommendation to Create a Structural Equity and Bias Response Team, the Structural Equity Team includes some staff positions that also serve on the Bias Response Team, facilitating SEBRT in making connections between individual acts of bias and institutional change aimed at decreasing bias incidents and structural inequities.

* indicates individuals who also serve on the Bias Response Team

  • SET Chair: Meg Warren, Associate Professor of Management
  • Chief of Police
  • Litav Langley, Director, LGBTQ+ Western
  • Amy Westmoreland, Director – Multicultural Student Services
  • Melissa Uyesugi, Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Engagement
  • Michael Sledge, Executive Director—Student Life, BRT Chair
  • Shevell Thibou, Director, Teaching and Learning, Western Libraries
  • Vicki Vanderwerf, Associate Director—Residence Life
  • Melynda Huskey, Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
  • Jocylynn Kelley, FSOCC Vice President
  • Lucas Senger, Instructor, MBA Program and Arts Enterprise & Cultural Innovation
  • Melissa Osborne, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • Dong Vo, Assistant Director, Residence Life
  • Shalini Singh, Diversity Recruiter and Retention Specialist, College of the Environment
  • Classified Staff nominee: Lori Torres
  • Faculty Senate nominee: Veronica Velez