Office of Tribal Relations

The Office of Tribal Relations is represented by the Executive Director for American Indian/Alaska Native and First Nation Relations/Tribal Liaison to the President. Externally, the office represents the President and Board of Trustees as liaison and representative to American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nation governments. Internally, the office advocates for the support and success of Native American students on campus. The office interfaces directly with the President and the university in communication with senior leadership within sovereign American Indian nations and among state and federal agencies including consultation on grants and memorandums of agreements.

Tribal Relations advises the President on legislative and policy matters of concern to tribes and First Nations, as well as accompanies the president on matters relating to Tribal affairs and the university. The office functions as support for fostering working relationships with the twenty-nine federally recognized tribes across the state of Washington. The office recognizes the partnership opportunities with tribal communities as a way to enhance the support and success of Native students. The office works to enhance and encourage the development of programs, events, seminars and activities designed to educate the campus community and increase capacity to serve American Indian, Alaska Native, and First Nation communities.  The office seeks to promote cultural sustainability, cultural awareness, and Indigenous ways of knowing in order to foster inclusive environments on campus.