Biology is the study of living things and encompasses areas ranging from molecular biology to ecosystem ecology. Mathematics is the study of pattern, structure, and change. Biology/Mathematics is a combined major offered by the departments of Biology and Mathematics that enables students to develop a strong background in biology along with a broadly applicable understanding of quantitative and computational approaches to problem-solving, giving graduates from this program a unique and highly sought set of skills. 

Biology is an increasingly quantitative discipline, requiring mathematical models to understand complex biological phenomena, and computationally-intensive algorithms to analyze the massive datasets generated by genomics. More than ever, employers in fields such as bioengineering, theoretical biology, ecology, and molecular biology are seeking to hire people equipped to handle the quantitative rigors of modern biology.

Western’s Biology and Mathematics Departments are part of the College of Science and Engineering.


Beyond the Classroom

Biology/Mathematics students have a variety of opportunities to apply knowledge and skills gained in lectures and labs. Undergraduates are encouraged to engage in research alongside faculty, serve as teaching assistants courses, join the Biology club, work in the Math Center (staffed by undergraduate Math Fellows), work on a research or independent study project with faculty, and participate in relevant internships. 

Careers and Graduate Studies

With proficiencies in both mathematics and biology, graduates have a variety of career options in the math and science fields. Some become biostatisticians or research analysts while others decide to continue their education. With dual department access, Biology/Mathematics students have the resources to take on the interdisciplinary challenge.


Sample Jobs

  • Populations Researcher 
  • Biostatistician
  • Research Analyst 
  • Bioinformatics Scientist 
  • Education

Requirements and Course Details

To learn more about this program, including grade requirements, a course listing, how to declare the major, and more, see the Program of Study Details.